Call for papers: Self Narratives in Organizations


Transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) individuals are often on the receiving end of discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace, which can even escalate to violence or complete rejection. Davis (2009), for instance, has highlighted how many TGNC workers feel that their workplace is unsafe or inhospitable. Notwithstanding these difficulties, TGNC people are able to tap into significant personal and collective resources in order to protect themselves from the negative effects of discrimination (Law et al., 2011).

In order to better understand the personal and work-related processes linked with being in the workplace as a TGNC individual, it is important to give voice directly to those who live and experience this reality. This is why puntOorg International Journal is collecting self narratives from TGNC individuals who want to tell their stories working in organizations or businesses as transgender or gender non-conforming people, including (but not limited to) issues around transitioning and discrimination.

Self narratives will be collected in various countries and will be translated into English, if needs be. This collection of stories will be shared both online and through an international conference to be held in May 2018. Being aware of the sensitivities and confidentiality around self narratives, we are happy to publish stories under pseudonyms or as anonymous narratives. All contributions, which can be written in a very conversational and personal style but should not exceed 5000 words, must be sent to the editors via email at Please see our deadlines below:

  • Title only to be sent by 30th November 2017  with confirmation of participation
  • Full narrative to be sent by 15th January 2017


We look forward to receiving your self narrative, please feel free to get in touch with us should you need further information.


The Editors

Giuseppe Balirano (University of Naples "L'orientale")

Luigi Maria Sicca (University of Naples Federico II)

Paolo Valerio (University of Naples Federico II)